Two Steps Forward

As 2021 comes to an end, I wanted to take a moment and reflect on all the good that is in my life. We’ve been through a lot in these very challenging times. Hopefully, those realities are in our rear view mirror.

I am grateful my beautiful family in Hawaii has remained healthy, happy and thriving. I am fortunate in knowing they are strong together and will always be there to return to with open arms.

Of all the cities in Texas, I am equally grateful Austin, is where I chose to live. It is a wonderful city, with amazing music of all genres to be found. The music has truly been the best medicine for my soul in getting past this pandemic reality. Along with the fact, I’ve met some truly wonderful Austinites, who have shared their “aloha” with me since moving here.

One thing I know for certain after the past two years, is how important the arts are for a healthy life and community. I’ve witnessed the struggles artists have been through during these times and I’m continually amazed at their innovations during this time. I support them as much as possible, not by just attending their performances, but also via some of the fantastic non-profits Austin has created over the years, to keep musicians safe, creating and evolving.

And finally, the other factor I am extremely grateful for is those friendships of many years, that have really stood up to the plate and have reached out to me on a regular basis. Checking in on me, making sure all is well…their friendship and genuine concern for my well-being, has meant the world to me. You know who you are, and I am blessed with your love and friendship.

If we’ve learned much at all from these past two years, it might be safe to say the importance of connection.

Through the arts.

Through nature.

Through kindness.

Through those we love and care about.

We can move forward two steps.

We have a huge capacity for GOOD.

If we choose the higher road.

Thank you all of you that have reached out to me in my previous posts. Your words and your connection have meant more than you may realize. Here is to 2022 and what dreams we all hold for our loved ones and each other.

Mele Kalikimaka and Haouli Makahikik Hou!!

(Merry Christmas and Happy New Year)

I will close with this music clip of B.B. King singing one of my favorite songs from his holiday album, A Christmas Celebration of Hope–“Bringing in a Brand New Year”

10 thoughts on “Two Steps Forward

  1. Mele Kalikimaka Carmen!! Absolutely loved this and wow – how “Connection” resonates with me more so than ever right now. Your choice of words really captured what my heart is feeling. Thank you for your sharing your eloquence, and the gift of your joy and gratitude. Much love and aloha until we see each other in person again soon!!


    1. Thank you so much my beautiful friend! I hope to see you here in Austin one day soon if not here, when I’m back in the islands. Much love to you and your wonderful ohana too!!


  2. May you continue discovering more and more t0 love and enjoy about Austin. 2022 will be bringing us all lots of opportunities to be grateful for all our good, to choose to find what’s right in all situations, and to laugh out loud at any excuse. Living in Joy. Love you. Alyse


    1. How beautifully stated my dear friend!! Here is to new adventures ahead for us all–a hui ho. Love to you in abundance!!


  3. Hi Carmen! Good to hear from you.
    It sounds like life is good.
    Merry Christmas Happy New Year!
    Tina K


    1. Hi Tina! So good to hear from you here. Life is as good as we decide to make it, right?! Big hugs to you dear woman and Chet too. Merry Christmas.


  4. We love you Carmen! Enjoy your happy times and hope to see you again soon!


    1. Love you guys right back! Let’s see how things unfold and hopefully sooner than later.


  5. Lovely post Carmen. So happy for you to be in good place in your life. Austin definitely has a lot to offer daily. May you have a great Christmas and a prosperous 2022.👍🙏


    1. Thank you so much, Hans! I wish the same for you and yours as well in 2022.


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