Labor of Love

So much has transpired in our worlds since I last wrote a couple of months ago. Most of us believed we were really seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

I know I did…

Were we ever wrong; I’m digressing.

I’m reminding myself constantly how fortunate I am in so many ways. My family is healthy, happy and prospering thankfully. I am as well, for the most part. All that being said though, these aren’t easy times for so many of us for a vast array of reasons.

The focus becomes one of what we can control instead, what brings us joy and happiness.

Time out in nature.

A swim in a spring-fed pool.

A FaceTime call with family or friends.

Not the news.

Not the politics.

Not acts of God.

The labor of love is one that brings meaning to life, with laughter and knowing the depth of love mutually shared, on so many different levels.

We all have a choice.

I chose love.

It really is the only answer.

For the other path isn’t better, nor will it bring light into our lives.

The labor of love, is one worth all the effort.

On every possible level I can imagine.

Peace, love and much aloha always…Carmen


5 thoughts on “Labor of Love

  1. Yes, Carmen, love is the only way for us to survive this onslaught by the evils of this world. Thank you for your wonderful adventures and your friendship.
    Love, Debra

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    1. Thank you my friend…love wins. Every single time. Stay well and stay healthy, love Carmen

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  2. I am so touched by the emails and calls too, from friends after my post. I think it’s pretty clear–LOVE wins! Have a wonderful week everyone.

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  3. Carmen, so nice to receive your upbeat note. I too am looking to the future and not looking in the rear. Loving my community and working to give back daily by volunteering quietly. It is rewarding in so many different ways. Have a full plate most days and fall into bed exhausted at night and then sleep like a baby. Doing some traveling on the mainland and looking forward to the freedom to travel anywhere again.
    Stay safe and healthy!

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    1. Maureen, you are such a wonderful example of exactly what I hope evolves from this reality we are all living through. Thank you for your kind words and your inspiration too! Yes, road trips are definitely what are on my radar as well for the foreseeable future too. Huge hugs!!

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