Second Chapters

I’ve been a bit obsessed to say the least about writing this next chapter in my life.  I traveled overseas again in June 2018, wondering if perhaps becoming an expat might be the right option for this “Travelust” soul of mine. The answer in the end was no.  The experience was wonderful, with a surprise detour, driving the Camino de Santiago, which made for an exceptional outcome.

In the long run though,  I decided visiting new destinations a few months abroad each year–definitely a yes.  It’s a big planet out there.  There is still so much to discover.

I am blessed beyond words in so many ways.  I have a beautiful family, a majority which lives in one of the most wonderful places on the planet–Hawaii.  I’ve made some good decisions with my real estate investments over the years.  And I’ve managed to live a pretty healthy lifestyle with a lot of adventures still ahead of me.

I was recently published in Civil Beat, a Hawaii investigative news journal publication, in their community voice section, on the cost of living in Hawaii.  Here is the article, which got quite a lot of commentary.  “Why I left Hawaii for Texas“.  Leaving the islands is not a decision that comes easily.

Here are some retirement planning links that I’ve come to  trust for helping me formulate a plan for this next chapter.  What are your plans for the year ahead?  I welcome your feedback and other sites you might want to share too!

milken institute logo

Milken Institute  

 Successful Aging Study 2017

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Property Tax Comparisons: 

State Property Tax Rates

kiplinger logo

Kiplinger State by State Guide to Taxes on Retirees: 

Compare taxes interactive map

4 thoughts on “Second Chapters

  1. I am so happy for you Carmencita


  2. Hey Real Carmen, that was a great article. It’s a familiar story to my little island of St Thomas. My mom is going through the same decision now that you faced. She just inherited property from her local husband of 25 years so how does she keep the property in the family and yet have the assets to retire. The biggest problem in the Virgin Islands is healthcare. If you have issues like most elderly do, your choice is Puerto Rico or Westin FL. If you become immobile your best choice is to leave because it’s not friendly for the mobility challenged. Anyway, I understand why that choice took you a long time to make. I’m glad your stateside and can’t wait to see you new abode.

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    1. Hey Ruthie! Love what you’ve shared about a similar situation for your island family. I helped a few folks from the outer islands finding property on Oahu that were getting elderly, with similar healthcare concerns. They wisely bought a property on Oahu, as an investment with an “ohana” unit (mother-in-law typically called on the mainland) so when they came to Oahu they had a place to live but the property was paying for itself, while they were home on the Big Island. Follow? Maybe your mom could do something similar in FL? Not sure about healthcare in PR and might be a safer call to be on the mainland if dealing with health issues. Anyway–hope that helps! =)

      I’m glad I’m on the mainland now too. I miss my ohana/family a great deal but thankfully technology keeps us connected. Life is good even with Zoom/FaceTime as our options–we are far better off than so many.

      I’m looking forward to you joining me in my abode too! Happy Thanksgiving and as they say in Hawaii, “a hui ho’!!” =)


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