Those Lazy Days of Summer

Summer has arrived in full force in Central Texas.  A couple of weeks ago we were in the triple digit temperatures…OMG!  Thankfully, the temperatures didn’t remain there for very long and it has been a wetter summer here than usual.  The lakes and rivers are full of wonderful fresh water and I really appreciate the fact this city has such an abundance of natural springs, rivers and lakes to stay cool.

Yes, to those of you back in the islands of Hawaii—no it isn’t the ocean but thankfully there are an amazing amount of options to go swimming, boating, kayaking or even floating on an inner tube down a lazy river, within an easy drive.  As a dear friend of mine back in Hawaii knows all too well, I call it “water therapy” as the saying goes, “the gods do not take away from the time a person spends on the water”.

I honestly believe that is very true…

“From a full moon kayak serenade on Town Lake in Downtown Austin, to a day tubing along the river in New Braunfels, Texas…water choices are abundant in this fantastic place.”

I’m really looking forward to this July 4th holiday, since the above-mentioned activities will definitely be on my agenda to enjoy for certain.  That along with this city’s grill/BBQ masters to choose from, there will be no shortage of options. The challenge lies in enjoying all the great BBQ to partake of, while still getting in that bathing suit. It’s all good–and I mean really, really good!!

Last night I attended what I’m sure won’t be my last, of a series of free concerts, being held on the lawn of The Long Center for the Performing Arts, by the Austin Symphony Orchestra. What a lovely setting and gathering of individuals. It also made me reflect on this city’s vast choices of musical talent and venues to enjoy. From iconic venues such as Antone’s to the Saxon Pub, to hear music performed by some of Austin’s legendary musician population, to enjoying the beautiful city skyline at sunset with families as their children are dancing to the sounds of a symphony woodwinds orchestra.

Austin is AWESOME!

“Austin Symphony Orchestra’s free Summer Concert Series at The Long Center for the Performing Arts Lawn”

Yes, I’m gushing a bit about my new home city.  I have been very fortunate, in the six short months that I’ve lived here thus far.  I’ve made the acquaintance of several true Austinite’s, which given the growth this city is experiencing, they are definitely becoming a rarity. But as I’ve written before, Austin definitely has its own Aloha Spirit. The people here are so genuine and without agenda. I am a lucky woman indeed. Yes, I miss Hawaii, especially my ohana (family) in the islands. Thankfully, I’ll always have Hawaii because of my beautiful ohana.

As we say in the islands “A hui ho’”…see you soon! And Happy 4th of July friends near and far!!

13 thoughts on “Those Lazy Days of Summer

  1. Great sentiment Carmen…Happy 4th of July to you!🎉👍


    1. Thank you, Hans! Same to you & yours…


    2. I’m happy 4 you. Enjoying life is #1. Live long and prosper


      1. Thanks so much, Pat. How is life back at the building? Hopefully things have improved all the way around.


  2. So glad you love Austin! I hear it’s great!!


    1. It really is, Tina. We are now almost in the same time zone! =)


  3. Aloha Carmen,
    Glad you have been enjoying the water, music, BBQ and great people. Celebrate Independence Day with aloha!
    Love 2 you, Connie & Scott


    1. Thank you beautiful friend. I hope all is going well with you both too!

      Love & aloha always, Carmen


  4. I just wanted to comment to all of you who replied to me directly via email–thank you so much! I must have had close to 40 replies from you all. You’ve put a smile on my face for certain. Have a wonderful 4th of July each and every one of you fantastic individuals. Happy Birthday USA–from this first generation American citizen proud to call it my home!!


  5. Dennis Conroy July 9, 2019 — 6:51 pm

    Aloha Carmen! Glad to hear you are so happy in your new home. My brother just moved to San Antonio to be by his son and family.
    Be well and try not to have too much fun! D


  6. So happy to hear of your continued adventures, but most of all that you’ve found a multitude of water therapies to soothe your soul. XO Cheers to you and keep on living life right, my friend!!


    1. Thank you so much my beautiful friend! Life is good and very happy to be discovering all these new great opportunities–hugs to you and all back on Oahu… xoxo


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