May Day Memories

It’s been almost six months since I’ve moved from the islands to Austin, Texas. Yet not a day goes by that Hawaii isn’t brought up in conversations, with whomever I might be talking with on any given day. As the saying goes, “you can take the girl from the islands but you cannot take the islands out of the girl.”

May Day—memories of lei competitions at Kapiolani Park, hearing a favorite island musician perform songs while sitting alongside dear friends, or watching my beautiful nieces and nephews perform at their school’s May Day events. Those are some of my fondest memories of all–the keiki in their leis dancing to their class songs. I can see them now as my memories rewind over those videos taken back then.

Now I’m looking forward to a view of wildflowers in fields of the Texas variety. And I pause and take photos, as I am creating new memories, on a path that is revealing itself to me here in my new destination.Fields of flowers

This past week I had a dear friend visiting from out of town.  We spent a great deal of time out in nature. We kayaked on Town Lake, also known as Lady Bird Lake, which in reality is the Colorado River that flows through the center of the city. It was lovely blue sky day and being on the water was wonderful.

Austin has an amazing green belt element to it, for a city of its size. Every day, weather permitting, people can be found out jogging, biking or hiking its vast trail system. There must be at least a half dozen green belt areas, that you can spend an afternoon in nature, quite easily from wherever you live. It says a lot to me about this city’s “green” priorities.

My guest and I spent another day at a state park that is within the city limits. It’s called McKinney Falls State Park. The water fall formations were lovely, with trails and wildflowers everywhere we turned.  Families were out, people were jumping into the water and folks just lounging about sunbathing, enjoying the beautiful environment.  It’s a different type of natural beauty of course from Hawaii but beautiful in its own right.

What May Day memories will you make today? Will you give a lei to someone just for the sheer aloha? Will you watch a child perform at their school?  Today I have a great niece that will be turning two.  I cannot wait to FaceTime with her and see that beautiful smile. I may be miles away on the mainland but Hawaii and my ohana remain in my heart always.Sweet P

I’m here if you want to connect.  I’m just a call or an email away!  Have a wonderful May Day.  And I hope you share some aloha, with someone special, just as I will be in a few hours.  Aloha Oe’!

6 thoughts on “May Day Memories

  1. Wow, so beautiful, I love Texas, never been to Austin, only Fort Worth and Dallas. Thank you for sharing, take care Carmen.

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  2. Thank you so much, Wayne. Nice to hear from you. Take care too!


  3. Katherine and George May 1, 2019 — 7:55 pm

    Happy May day. We will miss you today at Kapiolani park,Waikiki and at the concert on Waikiki beach with Kapono and friends.
    Love you
    Katherine and George


    1. Hi sweet friend! Yes, last year was fun with you all & Henry on the beach. Great memories. Hugs to you & George!


  4. ELAINE Medios-Simon May 10, 2019 — 6:23 am

    Missing you Carmen! Remembering my first May Day Lei Day at Kapiolani Park with you last May. Cherishing the memories and cheering you on as you create new memories. After traveling to Georgia and the parts of the East last Fall, made me appreciate all the different kinds of beauty each state has to offer. All so different but still beautiful in it’s own unique way! Love & aloha to you!


    1. Elaine, it was so special to share your first May Day at Kapiolani Park with you last year. Here’s to us sharing more new discoveries and places in the future too. Love and aloha right back at you sweet woman!


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