Love Wins

I’m sitting curled up on my sofa, this Friday morning, as a much-needed rain shower is subsiding. The temperatures are finally coming into alignment for the season, here in Austin. Plus, I have that wonderful feeling of hope the autumn weather sparks inside me every year around this time.

I recently traveled to Ontario, Canada with my partner. He wanted to share his homeland with me but mainly to visit his mother, whose health had significantly declined in the past year. Sadly, she just passed yesterday. It is fortunate though he was able to spend some time with her, while we were in Ottawa. Her soul is at peace now and her physical body no longer is suffering.

It amazes me how we know to be with those we love, in those fading moments in this lifetime. And how the person whose life is nearing its end knows to hold on for their loved ones, to say their goodbyes. It affirms in me, we have an awareness beyond our physical senses and knowledge, that we as human beings have much to learn still.

A bit of serendipity happened this week too. We attended a presentation by Deepak Chopra a couple of nights ago. The title of the talk was “An Awakened Life”. It was an hour and a half that flew by.

It began with Deepak talking about Buddha’s life. Buddha’s final words being “I am awake.” Then Deepak went on to talk about headlines in publications like Scientific American and New Science, to emphasize the fact the scientific community is “seeing or awakening” beyond what were previously accepted limitations.

Our capacity to understand this journey of life has definitely evolved for me in this lifetime. I believe we have just begun to scratch the surface.

But this I do know….LOVE wins.

We might not realize it yet nor understand it completely, as our souls’ journey onward. Yet love and kindness most definitely prevail over anger, hatred and division. My hope is we as a people, can move forward to our highest and best good.

I was so taken by the diversity I saw while we visited Canada. People of all ethnic backgrounds as news reporters on television or in television commercials, way beyond what we view in the USA. The big news on television in Canada is about hockey, not mass shootings. There is a reason Canadians have a reputation for friendliness. I think their openness and diversity might have something to do with it, honestly. Or maybe it’s the range of poutines available to sample! =)

I remain hopeful, that we in the USA have learned some valuable lessons in recent times. I remain hopeful that we can move forward beyond our differences too. Because in the end isn’t love what really matters?

I hope the seasons of change upon us, bring you all the joy and happiness you desire for yourself and your loved ones too.

Because…..LOVE wins.

10 thoughts on “Love Wins

  1. Excellent love chapter, Carmencita. Autumn is also my favorite season, as I enjoy Pittsburgh’s colorful foliage and cool weather. Love you…


    1. Thank you so much, dear woman. I am so happy for you as you begin your new chapter on your journey. Much love right back!


      1. Carmen, it’s good to hear from you.
        Canada is beautiful. You sound
        Peaceful in your thoughts.
        Lots of love Tina k


      2. What a beautiful thought from you dear woman. I hope life is good for you too. Happy Halloween as well.


  2. Carmen, I feel the same way about autumn, and that the cooler temps seem to bring an element of newness. And as I’m in the autumn of my years, lol, every day brings the freedom and opportunity for new learning. It’s great that you’re keeping in touch after our work in Argentina!


    1. OMG!! It is so great to hear from you. Where are you living these days? I hear from a few others in the group from time to time. The pandemic definitely changed some of our travel adventures. I hope life is bringing you all the joy and happiness you deserve! Tons of aloha too. =)


      1. Carmen, I do not recall who was in your teacher training group (300 or so trainees came through while I was with TEFL), but it would be fantastic to link up with some of them.
        I was ten years abroad training teachers and teaching English lit., would love to pick up that type of work again, although playing tourist for a month or two at a time wouldn’t be so bad. Just getting used to premature retirement but will probably always be ready to pick up and go!


  3. Aloha Carmen – always appreciate your “real” reflections and musings. Glad to see life on the mainland is being good to you! Fabulous photography too ❤


  4. Carmen, you are a beautiful writer! I loved reading your blog. It was so uplifting! Beautiful photos too. Thank you!


    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments, Jan! It means more than you may realize and is very appreciated too.


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