Standing by Each Other (Six Feet Apart)

I felt the need to send out a little something, especially in light of how dramatically our lives and realities have changed in just two short weeks. In my previous post, I felt as many did at that time this virus was just a little issue that wouldn’t affect us in any major way. Definitely not in the United States…that is definitely not the case now.

As many of us are now sheltering in place, in various parts of the world. I’d like to just share this video. I used to have it linked on my website, from my travels around the planet back in 2010. It’s called, “Stand by Me-Playing for a Change”. It’s linked below.

I’ve been moved to tears recently by a neighbor’s kindness. To feeling so hopeless, to help a homeless person, as I walked past them, while outdoors for a little fresh air. The saying is very true, now more than ever— “Count your blessings not your worries”.

We will come out of this better, I’m very certain of that. Take care, cuida te (Spanish) and be kind to yourselves. Much aloha to each and every one of you all—Carmen.

2 thoughts on “Standing by Each Other (Six Feet Apart)

  1. Mahalo Carmen…just the uplifting compilation I needed right now. Loved being lost in the music for a moment. Good reminder to not get stressed, and build our immunity!


    1. Yes, my friend! Ginger & turmeric tea, lots of vitamins and zinc too. Xoxo


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