The Journey Begins

It’s my last weekend, on the island of Oahu for the time being. The journey before me has been a long time coming.  The wheels were set in motion about a year ago, without realizing it.   I am finally ready to travel again to the land of my ancestors….Spain.

The events that lead me to this point in time were sad ones initially.  My brother passed away last March, quite unexpectedly.  He was young, relatively speaking—only sixty-five years of age.  It left me questioning, this journey we call life. Fragile, most definitely.

My soul longed for understanding our heritage more.  Perhaps by going back to the lands of our ancestors, I would be grounded once again? After a great deal of thought, countless conversations with close friends and relatives; I knew what would help me gain back my “joi de’ vivre”–I must return to the land of our ancestors.

So here I am, bags packed ready to set out on a journey that will fill my soul up again.  Spain awaits and Granada is calling my name!  I plan to travel there this time to LIVE.  Not be a tourist.  I want to understand what daily life is like in Spain.

It’s time for me to seek what I know awaits in the cobblestone streets of the Albayzin neighborhood of Granada, where three faiths; Jews, Muslims and Christians, co-existed peacefully for hundreds of years.

Spain, your dances, your music, your food, your culture.

Did I hear someone say it’s “tapa time”?!!  Let’s do this.

8 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Travelust!! That is my soul too!!! I am so grateful for the opportunity to join you on this journey. My Mother’s passing in 2016 has stirred me to fulfill my purpose. You’d think, at age 67 I would know what my purpose is. I believe this journey with you will be enlightening and fulfilling. I hope to discover more about this world, others, you and me. Hasta pronto!!! Jo


  2. I am grateful to have you along to share the experiences too. What a great journey ahead for us both! Bale’, benga!!


  3. Debra Richards June 1, 2018 — 11:53 am

    I am so excited for you Carmen, you are the most adventurous person I know! I hope your travels answer all your questions and create thousands more. I will enjoy reading your blog very much. Love and good luck!


    1. Debra, thank you so much for your kind words. I guess my wanderlust started back when Becky Radcliffe and I set out on that epic road trip. Now at this stage of my life and the various chapters that have come and await–it’s in the experiences of them that we become our true selves. I sense this trip will be trans-formative on various levels at this point in my life. Love you back and mil (many) gracias amiga!


  4. So happy for you amiga! I guess you are from a family of explorers.


  5. Good for you, Carmen! I wish you well and will look forward to your blog. May your adventure be everything you hope it will be. Stay safe!💕💕


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